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Revolutionizing Investigations

Impartial Witness® would be a software system, including an Artificial Intelligence (AI) component, that acts like a secure virtual tip line, crime case database, and problem solving tool that takes traditional tips, case details, research, and search locations, along with intuitively gathered information, and rank-orders them based on the prior performance of the experts or people providing it.

Problem Solving Tool

It’s an intelligent problem solving software toolkit for use in aiding crime cases, initially in homicide and missing persons’ cases, and building it out for larger uses and audiences. After prototype development, an artificial intelligence software component would be added in so that data compilation analysis can provide possible case scenarios and probabilities.




Future Features

We envision this as a desktop and mobile device friendly application with interesting possible features such as search management, search coordination, facial analysis, photographic analysis, linguistic analysis, and/or mathematical data analysis.

Our Unique Advantage

It’s the intuitively provided information, that can be assessed with traditional data, that makes the possibilities fascinating and unique. The result will be more leads, insight, probable scenarios, and cooperation, which adds up to cases being solved faster saving time, money, and manpower.  We’re creating a problem solving tool that can work from unknowns. Impartial Witness® can assess, weigh, and value information coming in from intuitive sources as well as traditional tips.

Our Internal Advantage

We have been working as intuitives with law enforcement for over 10 years and see the need for such a tool. We see the crimes, victims, co-victims, pain, suffering, and frustration. We see the need and know this will work and be in demand.

We're Raising Development Capital

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